Monday, August 26, 2013

(TAKEN by LP) Betsey Johnson white lacy frou frou skirt

This skirt is girly as fuck. It's poufy and has some tulle underneath to make it stick out from your body. So cayute. Size 4. 

(TAKEN by KC) Leggings with leather thigh panels because WHY NOT

These are from H&M, so you probably want to wear something to cover your ass. Faux leather panels on the thigh, because you never know when you need to do battle in space. S/M

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Just a bonus for those of you frandz actually reading this. PS this jacket is MINE suckas. Definitely a keeper.


Relatively higher-waisted for max tummy suckage. Size 4. 

Nike short sleeved striped hoodie


Built by Wendy jeans, size 26

No stretch, so GOOD LUCK. 

Floral miniskirt

Skirt. Flowers. Iron it yourself.


I'll hate you if this fits you. My torso is too long and it gives me the worst camel toe of all time. What? If you've read this far, you can handle that. Size "flea market."

Betsey Johnson strapless slutty dress

Sluttacular, part two: if you've worked retail, you know the age-old question "Is this a top or a dress?" Whatever it is, it's about a size 2.

Super douchey Dolce & Gabbana shades

Not even gonna lie, I got these in the Douche capital of France, San Tropez, when I thought I was a big deal (around age 18). I've been keeping them as a reminder of bad decisions. Again, paid lots of money. Yours for Vespa riding or costuming.

(TAKEN by MS) BB Dakota faux furry faux Native American light coat

I'll be honest: a lot of other bitches have this. But it's still kinda rad, if you want to be a hipster eskimo. 

Knit capelet with hood YEA THAT'S RIGHT

Once upon a time, I thought I needed a knit capelet. That time has come and gone. Perhaps you do, though?

Queen of the hippies rainbow sweater

You rock that hippie shit. No label, found at a thrift store. Not smelly. Pretty wacky. 

Wine (?) colored velvet blazer

I know, you can't imagine wearing this in these temps, but bear with me. Size 2, Banana Republic. Yours.

Givenchy gold wedges, size 40 1/2


I thought these would make me feel like Rihanna, but they make my ankles look weird. Maybe they'll work better for you. Real Givenchy, I swears it. Around 9/9.5

#SCARVES #SCARVES so many scarves

This will be updated continuously because SO MANY SCARVES. 

(TAKEN by AC) Shiny silver parachute backpack

Perfect for your anime tween cosplay. Holds up to heavy weight remarkably well. 

Black dress. Ruffles. Skinny straps.

Cool texture on this one, says it's a size 8 but I'm skeptical. More like a 6?

(TAKEN by MS) Betsey Johnson ruffle-tastic cardigan/jacket thang


(TAKEN by VC) Leopard crop top

I have too many leopard-print things (ultimate white girl problem). This is exactly what it looks like. From H&M. Free. 

(TAKEN by MS) Oversized OG hipster men's plaid shirt

This is comfy and lightweight for those days when you don't want anyone to detect your female parts. Comes with authentic wrinkles for that Seattle look. Free.

(TAKEN by KC awwww yea mama's still got it) Dolce & Gabbana black bustier sexytime dress

This is some classy Scarlett Johansson shit. Except it's a size 38 (oh, no she didn't). After deluding myself for some time, my butt is too big and my boobs too small for this to work. Have the opposite problem? First of all, I hate you. Second of all, this is yours.

(TAKEN by KC) Matthew Williamson beaded top that I should probably keep

I will probably regret giving this one away, because it's fucking awesome. It's heavy as shit, too. No, you can't wash it. Look at it. That beading probably can't even be dry cleaned. Just put it up somewhere as a museum piece like I did, or wear it out to the club because I'm not giving it the life it deserves.